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Whitmore Lake

Micro lectures are stand-alone material that can be added to an existing course.

These are commonly one-half hour of lecture with no associated exercise.

Mini-110: Intro to VirtualBox
How to acquire, install and set up a virtual machine using VirtualBox.
  • VirtualBox {Installation on Debian/Ubuntu, Redhat/Fedora and SuSE} {Creating a new Virtual Machine} {Installing an operating system on the VM} {Configuration options}
Installation on Debian/Ubuntu Create a VM
Installation on RedHat/Fedora Configure a VM
Installation on OpenSuSE Install an Operating System
Mini-130: Lynx
Lynx is a text based web browser that's small, fast and efficient.

Lynx can dump a pure-ASCII version of a website, without any tags. This is particularly useful for automated web checking.

  • Installing Lynx
  • Using Lynx to browse
  • Downloading web pages with lynx
  • Simple parsing with grep
Installing lynx Lynx Options
Browsing with lynx
Downloading with lynx Using grep