Noumena Corporation

Whitmore Lake

Noumena Corporation
8888 Black Pine Lane
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189


Clif Flynt
8888 Black Pine Lane
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-8779


12/1999 - Present -- President/CTO

Noumena Corporation, Whitmore Lake, MI
    Thoughtful Solutions
  • Designed, developed and deployed consumer application for writers. Editomat helps writers improve a piece and their writing ability.
  • Updated and upgraded large GUI from Tcl 8.4/Tix to Tcl 8.6/TclOO.
  • GUI to control CAM-bus system via Peak USB-CAM interface.
  • Investigate thread behavior in Tcl kernels between 8.4 and 8.6 to identify and repair change that degraded performance.
  • Expert Witness in Intellectual Property suit. Compiled and demonstrated operation of Pad++ Tcl GUI on 2001 era Apple hardware. This report was critical in the invalidation of SoftView patents 7,461,353 and 7,831,926.
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement of web-based medical journaling system.
  • Designed and developed prototype of secure medical messaging system for mobile devices with Apache, Rivet and MySql.
  • Designed and developed system for securely tracking and controlling medical records.
  • Developed and presented first semester computer science course using Tcl/Tk as the base language as Adjunct Faculty at Eastern Michigan University.
  • Mentored student in Google Summer of Code 2008, 2009. Student developed package to convert from Tcl/Tk screen display to PDF format.
  • Developed training materials for Tcl/Tk, SQL Linux, XML, network analysis hardware, firewall configuration, web based applications, and testing tools.
    Delivered training sessions in the US, Canada, Europe, Central America and India.
  • Installed and maintained DoD "Secret" (compliant with NISPOM Chapter 8) computer network. Computers included Windows XP and Linux based systems.
  • Developed test framework and rules for exercising and characterising the behavior of a firewall and network.
  • Designed and developed database and data mining application for US Navy to track equipment failures.
  • Major member of team which developed an integrated simulation of flood and fire recoverability on naval vessels for US Navy.
  • Designed and implemented Linux diskless blade cluster for coarse grained parallel processing.
  • Designed and developed task scheduling application to run simulations on multiple remote processors.
  • Designed and developed applications for analyzing data from Navy shock testing.
  • Designed and developed interactive data-mining and report generating application to analyze results from ship simulations.
  • Participated as team member to write a 600 page report describing the results of a 2 year simulation/modelling effort.
  • Organized several 1-week technical conferences for 30-50 attendees in multiple cities.
  • Developed Tcl/Expect front end for collecting Cisco router data from remote sites.
  • Developed several Tcl/Expect applications for collecting and pre-processing data from remote sites via FTP and HTTP.
  • Designed and implemented Tcl package to interface with Foxboro manufacturing control system.
  • Designed and implemented Tcl extensions to interface with Tegra color sorter for manufacturing line.
  • Generated designs and prototype for conversion of large scale legacy projects to distributed web applications.
  • Generated designs and prototype for secure web based scheduling system.
  • Developed data mining tools for recreating development history from system backups.
  • Developed automated network router monitor to retrieve operating statistics.

1/2010 - 5/2010 -- Adjunct Professor

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
  • Developed and taught Introduction to Programming for Network and Security Administration majors.
  • Tailored lectures to introduce students to software techniques (variables, loops, procedures, recursion) using system administration problems and solutions.

1/1999 - 5/1999 -- Lecturer

Grinnell College, Grinnell IA
    Ranked # 11 in US by US News and World Report
  • Taught first and second semester Computer Science courses.
  • Developed tests and student exercises.
  • Consulted and assisted with network security issues.
  • Proctored computer lab and tutored individual students.
  • Introduced large-scale, multi-student software project to second semester curriculum.

10/1997 - 12/1999 -- Principal

Flynt Consulting Services, Dexter, MI
    Provider of timely software solutions
  • Developed GUI to allow unskilled users to enter handwritten census forms into a database. Application was designed to mimic the hardcopy forms and provide input sanity tests in real-time.
  • Participated as team member in design and implementation of a multi-feed, internet-based data collection and processing system.
  • Developed client/server voltage control subsystem for 7x24 test facility.
  • Developed Tcl/Tk based inventory control database package
  • Performed IP firewall/network administration
  • Configured Linux based firewall system
  • Designed and developed automated E-Mail robot
  • Created Tcl extension based on private library for regression testing.
  • Developed Client/Server application for mixed Unix/MS-Windows network.
  • Maintained 7x24 hardware test facility.

5/1996 - 10/1997 -- Sr. Research Engineer

First Virtual Holdings, Inc, San Diego, CA - Ann Arbor Office
    Internet Commerce
  • Developed automated testing package for regression testing software.
  • Upgraded SafeTcl interpreter from Tcl 7.3 to Tcl 7.6.
  • Participated in design and prototyping of new commerce models.

7/1993 - 5/1996 -- Sr. Engineer

Applied Intelligent Systems, Ann Arbor, MI
    Machine Vision using a SIMD parallel computer
  • Responsible for designing and implementing automated testing suite for computers manufactured by AISI.
  • Responsible for migrating that test package to an outside manufacturing site.
  • Responsible for maintaining and enhancing four machine vision projects with 2 major customers.
  • Implemented a source code control system, database for bug tracking, and automated testing for controlling these projects.
  • Designed and implemented automated test package for software development.
  • Responsible for designing and maintaining software diagnostics.
  • Designed and implemented a package for backing up disks that aren't NFS mounted across the network from a central machine.

1/1992 - 7/1993 -- Member Tech Staff

Computational Biosciences, Ann Arbor, MI
    X-Windows/Unix based DNA Sequence Analysis package
  • Designed and implemented distributed processing subroutine package.
  • Designed and implemented interprocess communications using pipes and shared memory for use with and without X Windows.
  • Designed and implemented interprocess communications using sockets for use with X Windows.
  • Designed and implemented a distributed make for compiling code on multiple machines on a network. This reduced a 2 hour compile to 20 minutes.
  • Designed and implemented GUI widgets under X-View.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained a source code control environment based on RCS that
    • Automatically validated code before allowing a user to check in code
    • Automatically generated makefiles & dependencies
    • Automatically included new code in libraries
    • Automatically generated new executables

1/1990 - 1/1992 -- Vice President / Engineering Mgr

Veracity, Inc., Walled Lake, MI
    MS-DOS based display package for large images.
  • Designed and implemented major portions of the device independent graphics, human interface, and file access portions of the package.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of infrastructure necessary to coordinate four people working in a distributed environment, including evaluation and purchase of software and hardware tools.
  • Responsible for coordinating programmer effort, assigning tasks, and adhering to schedule.
  • Responsible for finding and hiring new personnel.

5/1988 - 1/1990 -- Senior Programmer/Manager

Cimage Corp., Ann Arbor, MI
    Port Cad/Cam graphics package from MS-DOS to Unix/X platforms (Apollo, Sun, and IBM RT)
  • Acted as Team Leader on the IBM RT port, coordinating efforts of 6-12 programmers at various times.
  • Ported large sections of graphics code from IBM/PC graphics to X-Windows.
  • Developed a malloc library that would check for memory errors.

3/1986 - 5/1988 -- Consultant

Resource 1, Lansing, MI
    Contract programmer. Completed two one year contracts at customer site.
  • "x" to pseudocode translator using lex and yacc under Unix.
  • Designed and implemented prototype for source code control and revision update system. This system automatically updated client sites and received confirmation via phone network. Automatically updated database upon confirmation of successful installation.
  • Evaluated diagnostics requirements, established bug report procedures.
  • Prepared requirements documents, time/personnel estimates, critical path analysis, and completion schedules.
  • Participated as team member developing a Point of Sale controller for intelligent remote sales terminals. Contributed to both design and implementation of this system.
  • Direct responsibility for design and implementation report generation and data editor. These routines featured formatted screens and context sensitive help, and could be used without training, or manual.
  • Designed and implemented multilayer B tree for part of database.

8/1981 - 3/1986 -- Systems Engineer

Bioimage Corp., Ann Arbor, MI
    68000/Unix based system for analyzing 2-dimensional electrophoresis gels
  • Driver for Parallel DMA board under UNIX operating system.
  • Modified driver for Eikonix scanning array camera.
  • Wrote device drivers for DMA graphics systems.
  • Device independent support library for graphics display systems under UNIX.
  • Programs for curve fitting to multiple gaussian curves using Newtonian, Least Squares and Simplex algorithms.
  • Floating Point Math package for MC 68000 UNIX computer
  • Disk support subroutines for non-DEC directory drive on 11/23
  • Terminal emulation program with file download capability.
  • Major responsibility for evaluating and choosing equipment to use for image analysis system. (computer, camera, graphics display system).
  • Full responsibility for assembly, testing, and installation of system.
  • Performed sales demonstrations at customer sites.
  • Performed customer training.
  • Responsible for managing field service program. Instituted database record keeping, supervised staff, set schedules.

8/1981 - 1/1997 -- Contract Programmer

Independent Consulting
    Small projects for different clients
  • Performed IP network administration
  • Configured Linux based firewall system
  • Designed and developed automated E-Mail robot
  • Performed Usenet news administration
  • Designed and developed database and conferencing package
  • Designed and developed database package including screen editor, sort/merge, report generation and backup for industrial hearing testing system.
  • Designed and developed screen control subroutine package to extend RM Cobol.
  • Designed and developed hardware/software package for taking an image from a video camera and printing it on a line printer on 8088 based IBM PC/Dos 1.0.
  • Designed and developed program to log into Compuserve, get current quotes on selected stocks, and merge the new data to previous data base.
  • Designed and developed subroutine package to support TU-58 in non-DEC directory environment.
  • Designed and developed Small Business Accounting and Payroll packages.
  • Designed and developed automated upload/download routine for text formatting system.

4/1981 - 8/1981 -- Contract Programmer

Software Services Corp., Ann Arbor, MI
    Package to convert from screen graphics to hardcopy slides
  • Implemented package to accept image data in vector format and translate it to run length encoded pixel format
  • Designed and implemented program to operate a Celco camera.

8/1979 - 3/1981 -- Programmer

Applied Dynamics Int., Ann Arbor, MI
    Software support for hardware development engineering
  • Diagnostics for debugging microwave communications interface.
  • Device driver for DMA interface to Perkin Elmer 8/32
  • Debugged and improved sort/merge utility on 11/34
  • Rewrote hardware manual for AD10 array processor
  • Developed subroutine library for DMA access between PDP 11 and AD10 array processor

6/1978 - 8/1979 -- Technician

Gelman Scientific Inc., Ann Arbor, MI
    Quality Control support for testing and manufacturing
  • Programming PDP 11/03 (RT-11) for lab database and statistics
  • Debugging Plotter driver (Fortran and MACRO)
  • Programming PDP 11/03 to operate a device to determine pore size distribution in membranes

6/1975 - 1/1977 -- Research Technician

SUNY Research Foundation, Syracuse, NY
    Isolation and identification of natural products released from insects, and plants.
  • Performed vapor pressure analysis of Disparlure.
  • Purified compounds via Gas Chromotagraphy.
  • Identified compounds with Mass Spectrography, NMR, IR and UV.


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  • B.S. 1975, State University of New York at Syracuse.
  • Over 20 hours of non-matriculated coursework at graduate and undergraduate level in math, electronics and computer science.