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Tcl is a speciality at Noumena.

Clif Flynt wrote the book on Tcl. He also helps organize the annual Tcl/Tk User's Conference, speaks at Open Source events and has taught Tcl/Tk around the world.

Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide - 3'd Edition
Third edition describes TclOO, Tcl Modules, threading and more
The third edition of Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers was published in spring of 2012.

It includes over 150 new pages covering new features in 8.6. There are chapters describing TclOO, Tcl Modules, Sockets, Threading and much more.

The target for this book is an experience programmer who needs to pick up a new language quickly. Tcl's primary features are covered in depth. New features and tricks of the trade are described in detail. Finally, there is an entire chapter devoted to optimization and debugging techniques.

Tcl/Tk Programming Tools
Tcl tools and tips to make you more productive.
Noumena Corporation has developed and maintains a number of Tcl scripts that make our life a little easier.

These include:

  • An enhanced version of D. Richard Hipp's tree megawidget.

  • Building megawidgets in namespaces (pre Tcl8.6)

  • Small and useful Tcl scripts.

  • Bare-Bones TCP/IP client and server: Just add application

  • A text widget that supports wordprocessor controls and saves formatted text in RTF format

  • A sample Tcl extension to demonstrate techniques.

  • Data-Driven GUI generator.

  • A pure Tcl html display widget

  • Load shared libraries within Tcl scripts

Tcl tools and tips to make you more productive.
Noumena has delivered papers at a number of conferences and has written several whitepapers on Tcl and Open Source related topics.

Here are some papers

X-10 Home Automation GUI
Control: a Tk front-end to the BottleRocket X-10 Controller
This is a collection of useful applications, games and other things that I've used and may be of use to others.

These include:

  • Generate postcards

  • Control: a Tk front-end to the BottleRocket X-10 Controller

Tclsh Spot
Articles written for ;login: magazine
Clif Flynt wrote articles about Tcl for ;login: magazine between 1999 and 2005.

The example code from these articles is available here.

The The Tclsh Spot articles are available on line for Usenix members. There are links to the older articles that are available online for the general public.