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Whitmore Lake

Micro lectures are stand-alone material that can be added to an existing course.

These are commonly one-half hour of lecture with no associated exercise.

Mini-110: Tcl Debugging Techniques
Describes static and interactive techniques for debugging Tcl/Tk applications.
Both instrumenting the code with puts and introspection and using the Scriptics interactive debugger are discussed.
  • Static debugging techniques
    • puts
    • log to a window
    • log to a file
    • checking program state with tk_messageBox
    • using the trace command with variables and procedures
    • using the info level command
    • enabling/disabling output
  • Interactive debugging techniques
    • Starting the debugger
    • Setting breakpoints
    • Examining data
    • Controlling program flow
puts trace variable info level
catch error info complete
Mini-130: The Synopsis Primetime extension
A brief introduction to using the Tcl extension for the Synopsis Primetime package.

Describes what the Primetime package does, and compares the Tcl extension with the Primetime shell language.

  • New data types: Collections, Objects, Attributes
  • New I/O commands
  • Primetime specific commands
  • Creating collections
  • Filtering collections
  • Adding objects to collections
  • Removing objects from collections
printvar echo get_attribute
get_unix_variable query_objects list_attributes
report_attribute define_user_attribute set_user_attribute
remove_user_attribute add_to_collection remove_from_collection
foreach_in_collection collection commands filter_collection