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These lectures are fully integrated to introduce material cleanly at the lower numbered lectures that is used by higher numbered lectures.

For example, Tcl120 builds on commands commands and concepts introduced in Tcl110, but Tcl120 or Tcl125 can be presented as the second lecture in a series.

UML-110: UML Overview
UML diagrams can describe projects at all phases from low-level code design to high-level data-center layout.
  • This class introduces the basics of UML and the standard diagrams.
    • What is UML?
    • When to use the diagrams
    • Overview of diagrams
use case class object
sequence collaboration flowchart
activity flow state diagram
UML-210: UML: The Use Case
One of the first steps in designing a project is understanding what it needs to do.
This lecture introduces the UML use case diagram and explains how and when it can be used.
  • Developing requirement consensus with customer.
  • Defining the functions a package must perform.
  • Identifying Actors that will perform the functions.
  • Identifying functions which will require multiple actors to interact.
  • Delimiting boundaries of the problem.
graphical use case textual use case