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A joy of Tcl is that you can create useful tools in just a few minutes or hours.

Most of these are fairly trivial applications, but they do the job, and might save you some time, or give you a hint on one approach to a problem.

Postcard Creator
Generate postcards
Sometimes you need to send a formal comment to a bunch of folks.

But how?

Emails get spam-boxed and letters won't get opened for fear of anthrax.

Postcards are safe and don't go into spam boxes.

This application will print four double-sided postcards on a sheet of paper, with addresses on one side and message on the back.

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X-10 Home Automation GUI
Control: a Tk front-end to the BottleRocket X-10 Controller
An image based GUI for home automation.

This tool makes it eash to create customized control panels for the BottleRocket X-10 Controller.

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